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Electrical Power System Engineers

Job Order ID:418
Number of Positions:4
Job Location:Waynesboro
Job Requirement:



  1. BSEE or equivalent work experience with a design engineering background.
  2. Working knowledge of IEEE, NEC, and EPRI (URD) codes and standards as well as NRC regulatory guides and INPO guidelines.
  3. Past experience with 7KV and lower voltage equipment (breakers, disconnect switches, transformers, relaying, UPS systems, etc ) inside the plant.
  4. Past experience with large transformers, such as the main and aux transformers for nuclear stations. Familiarity of SOER 10-1 is helpful.
  5. Past experience with battery (DC) systems
  6. At least 7 to 10 years working at an operating nuclear power station
  7. Ability to obtain and maintain unescorted access at plant locations
  8. Excellent written communication skills
  9. Ability to communicate project schedule, priorities, and challenges to management




  1. Past experience with diesel generators.
  2. Past experience with transformer Open Phase Condition
  3. Operational background.
  4. Experience with the AP1000 design
  5. Experience with initial system energization   and commissioning of electrical systems/equipment
  6. Past experience with Watts Barr or Bellefonte restart efforts