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Job ID:686
Employment Type:Locum Tenens
Web Publication Date:6/10/2020
Number of Positions:1
Job Location:Arkansas
Practice Description:
  • Schedule: 4/10 hour shifts; Start time is 6:30 am
  • 3 years’ experience
  • Call: 1 weekend call every 6 weeks and 1 night a week; 6 out of 7 weeks (avg. 2 callbacks per rotation, but does vary)
  • Supervised setting
  • No hearts and heads; OB, Ortho, and general - Bread and Butter
  • 2 MDAs/4 CRNAs on per shift  
  • Credentialing time frame - 30 days
  • Schedule: 4/10 hour shifts; Start time is 6:30 am
  • Obtains, prepares, and utilizes:
  • All equipment
  • Monitors
  • Supplies and drugs
  • Special equipment (airway cart, arterial lines, other unusual equipment)  
  • Selects, appropriately administers, and documents:
  • Anesthetic drugs
  • Blood and products
  • Fluids (crystalloids and colloids)
  • Accurately documents all significant anesthesia events and the seven key elements for coding and billing purposes.
  • Performs, manages, and documents anesthetic techniques:
  • Airway management
  • Monitoring modalities
  • Early recognition and treatment of unusual patient responses
  •  Requests consultation and guidance from anesthesiologists when indicated during the intraoperative period and uses good judgment in working within the team model.


  • Effectively manages patient response during induction and emergence from anesthesia, responds rapidly, and treats appropriately any complication that may occur during this time.   Delivers supportive treatment to ensure patient stability during transfer to PACU and gives an accurate and detailed report to the PACU nurses.




  • Overall ability to manage a wide range of clinical scenarios in general anesthetic settings appropriately and knowledgeably
  • Overall ability to manage a wide range of clinical scenarios in a regional anesthetic setting

Ability to perform ancillary procedures:

  • IV catheter placement
  • Double lumen tube management and placement
  • Arterial line management and placement
  • IV administration of vasoactive medications
  • Resuscitation techniques (ACLS, unstable patients, etc.)




  • Participates in effective problem solving and follows proper channels in instituting solutions.   Is willing and eager to support quality improvement issue, leadership issues within the OR and teamwork with all applicable relationships (RR, PACU, OR staff, Surgeons, others)

Is effective and willing to participate in the training and education of students


Job Requirement:

Degrees, Licensures and/or Certifications:  

Has current Arkansas Advanced Nurse Practitioner’s license

  • Has current ACLS certification
  • Has current PALS certification
  • Has current BLS certification
  • Has to provide a copy of the diploma


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  

  • Completed yearly in-services (Infection Control, Fire Safety, Safety Management, and Care Learning).
  • Participated in a work-related in-service.
  • Attends special committee, department, and in-service meetings when scheduled and/or required.
  • Presents in-service for a unit.
  • Must be able to read, write, speak and understand English
Contact Details:

Patrick Huff

O - 385-399-2470

C - 801-440-9893