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Tracing Feminist Interventions In Myanmar


E-Classroom | 1 Semester

Online placement (E-Classroom)

Length of Placement 1 Semester

Many organizations in Myanmar have been working diligently for decades to address gender inequality issues. This research project will help to evaluate the impact of each individual movement related to gender equality as well as highlight the steps towards enhancing gender equality interventions in the near future.

Researchers will map the history of the feminist interventions in Myanmar focusing on:

-History of the interventions with a focus on individual organizations on gender equality
- Policies advocacy undertaken
- Number of gender-based violence cases managed and calls for action
- Intervention gaps and areas that were overlooked or had less focus by individual organizations
- Success and lessons learned
- Recommendation to Cuso International and its feminist organization partner

This placement is offered under our E-Volunteering Classroom Program and is reserved for Canadian post-secondary instructors only. For more information about the classroom e-volunteering program, or to apply for this project, please email natalie.graham@cusointernational.org or visit our website at: https://cusointl.org/EvolClassroomProgram